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If the truth be known, when ‘that’ time arrives with regards having to deal with roof repairs to our home or property; it’s one of those necessary evils, of which the vast majority us dread to have to deal with. Not only is it an expense we have no option but to pay (for all the obvious reasons), but also an expense of which we usually haven’t accounted for. Another ‘Sods Law’ moment. As more often than not, it will seem to rear its ugly head at a time we least need or expect it.

What makes it even worse, thus adding injury to insult, is that roofs are the most important structural element of our homes, but admittedly, the part we generally know very little about. It protects our home and is unintentionally taken for granted. Due to the important, solid nature of its original construction, it seemingly becomes part of our subconscious trust. Generally, a case of its ‘seen but not heard’.

That is until, for whatever reason, it fails.

Then our roof is no longer taken for granted, it becomes the number-one priority on our ‘Urgent List’.

Once the initial shock and realisation that the roof that protects everything within your beautiful home has for whatever reason started to fail. Naturally, your first  concern is the need to ascertain a clear definition of the exact problem. Then follows the worry of how serious it could be, and most importantly, how much will this all cost to fully resolve ?

Life is stressful enough, without the extra burden of a leaking roof, hanging over your proverbial head.

For many homeowners, finding out that they have a roofing problem can really mess up a good day. In most cases, a roofing problem is enough to strike fear in the heart of even the most experienced homeowner. The only way to be 100% sure that your roofing issues are professionally diagnosed, with honesty and integrity, then expertly resolved, is by choosing a nationally accredited and endorsed roofing contractor.

LORD Roofing And Grounds Works specialise in every aspect all manner of roof repairs;  From pitched roofs, flat roofs, leadworks, including valleys, guttering, chimney stacks to traditional slate repairs. We can replace cracked, fractured of porous concrete or clay tiles, and all ridge repairs, to name but a few of the problematic roof a roof can integrally fail.

A massive thank you to Lord Roofing for making our roof a priority when it needed fixing.

Daniel Guss, County Durham

At LORD Roofing And Grounds Works we truly stand by our core values of honesty, trust and integrity which are epitomised by our attention to detail when pin-pointing and analysing roofing issues. We achieve this, by quite simply using visual aids; photographs from a hand-held media device, which can prove or disprove any thoughts or concerns regarding your roof.

As a consumer you should never take it from the mere words of a roofer alone, having the reference of photographs or a video is imperative to give you an accurate representation of the problem.

This also can be used as a cross reference, if this cannot be provided you should always look for a second or third opinion.

LORD Roofing and Grounds Works site surveyors are experts in spotting and identifying leaks and other potential concerns, you’ll be given honest advice on how to deal with the problem accordingly. Whether it be a temporary fix or if the problem will be an occurring issue, how then go forward with a long-term resolution.

The ‘LORD Company Promise’ to our clients is; “To deliver the very highest quality of customer service, workmanship, and standard of products, for the very best price possible.”

Honesty – Affordability – Quality- Integrity – Trust

We will never be beaten on price, on a like-for-like basis.

Welcome to the family of LORD Roofing and Grounds Works Ltd

Achieving Excellence through Experience by Analysing and Redefining!

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