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Repointing is the term used to describe the process regarding the renewal of the pointing, which is the external sections of the mortar joints between all types of masonry construction. These are the sections, or ‘joints’ that bind the various types of brick-work or stonework together. Over prolonged periods of being naturally exposed to the elements, the weathering and inevitable deterioration, cause voids or recessed cavities which allow the unwanted entrance of rainwater. When rainwater penetrates these recessed cavities and voids, it results in detrimental damage to the structure through frost weathering, salt dissolution and deposition.

Repairing damaged pointing in brickwork is essential to ensure no further and more costly damage to your property is required further down the line. So, nip it in the bud early.

The most commonly reported issues with a client’s property and their brickwork, usually stems initially from the gable ends, which are generally the face or faces of the property that are most open to the elements. The natural eroding of the pointing, which is visible when the ‘jointing’ between the courses of bricks, or stonework, are no longer flush with the brickwork due to it crumbling away. Where the mortar mix holding the courses together once was, which is identifiable by the colour of the mortar, you will notice an almost black void, indicating a cavity recess, and a problem that would need to be addressed. And sooner rather than later.

Although this may not sound too serious, but if those signs are ignored, this will most certainly hasten the onset of more serious problems, which could even result in structural issues.

The most common problems that can arise from a neglected brickwork or stonework are water penetration, which can lead to more serious issues such as instability, and in worst cases, even disintegration.

To help prevent the more serious issues, if caught in time, all that may be required, would be professional re-pointing works, from an accredited contractor. A cheap and cheerful patch and point repointing job maybe all you require or can afford but be aware that this has a very limited life-span and is simply a short-term fix. Repointing over old mortar with new mortar will never retain a secure fix and will most certainly fall back out of the joints, leaving you with the same problem again, and more money to spend.

If a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing right, or you pay cheap and you’ll invariably pay twice.

When our walls needed repointing, we called Lord Roofing. What an amazing company with a hard-working team. Exceptional workmanship and a quality finish!

John Michaels, Spennymoor.

The professional and correct process of re-pointing a standard brickwork is to grind out between 15-25mm of the failing mortar joints, this is to ensure all failed mortar is removed to a consistent depth. The recessed joints are then cleared of any remaining mortar dust and debris, before the re-pointing can commence.

The next step is very important, which is creating the strongest, most durable and effective mortar mix. This is to ensure that once brickwork is fully re-pointed, the life-span is at its optimum level. We can’t control the weather and natural elements, but we can do everything we can to ensure maximum longevity.

LORD Roofing and Grounds Works employ only the very highest level of tradesman, who are specialists within their chosen field. We use a 3-1 mix of sand/cement and water, with an addition of PVA glue for an extra bond, as well as plasticizers when temperatures are below are certain level. This ensures the mix bonds correctly and cold weather is negated from compromising the mortar bonding and prevents fracturing. The final Master Repointer’s old-school trick is to add touch of Fairy Liquid into the mix to ensure the smoothest finish possible, and helps when cleaning down the joints, due to the fact it slows down the hardening process of the mortar mix.

In certain cases, a 4-1-1 lime mortar mix maybe required, this will be left to our Master Re-pointers discretion to ensure the most comprehensive and relevant requirements for each individual project.

Finally, a very mild-chemical clean-down would be administered, if required, to complete the perfect, textbook finish.

The ‘LORD Company Promise’ to our clients is; “To deliver the very highest quality of customer service, workmanship, and standard of products, for the very best price possible.”

Honesty – Affordability – Quality- Integrity – Trust

We will never be beaten on price, on a like-for-like basis.

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