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What Warm Roof should I choose? And why choose LORD’s to install it?


If you own either a conservatory, extension, or garden room, it will come as no shock that statistically, one of the biggest booms in the home-improvement market in recent times, has been the purchase and subsequent upgrade to a composite tiled, warm roofing system. We are forever hearing on television and on the radio the all too familiar lines of …. “Is your conservatory or garden room too hot in the summer? And is it also too cold in the winter? Well now is the time to change and transform your aging glass or low-quality polycarbonate roof into a state-of-the-art, new tiled warm roof. These new roofs are fully insulated, ensuring your conservatory or garden room will be cool in the summer months and warm during the winter period. Completely transforming what was a seasonal part of your home, into living space that you can utilise all year round.”

Unfortunately, for the most part, as research has proven, that is not completely accurate.

Prefix Systems, whom are arguably the premier, award-winning and most innovative company within their sector, warns that the clear majority are not technically ‘warm roofs’, unlike their own market-defining Classic Roof, to name but a few (see Prefix systems below).

As with anything, it’s essentially clear that not all products promoted are the same in both quality or the attention to detail and stringent polices not adhered during the varying manufacturing processes. The top layer of insulation with the Prefix roofs sit aloft any aluminium structure, forming a true warm roof, whilst other lesser technically astute designs in the market, suffer from a thermal bridge as research has shown.

The longer-term issue of cold bridging, results in heat transfer and loss. Even worse cases have shown nasty condensation issues, and costly plastering work, or even worse, electrical issues. The insulated eaves beam that is a deliberate feature of the Prefix roof is revolutionary within its concept and undoubtedly superior from the competition, which rely on aluminium rafters fixing directly on to an aluminium eaves beam.

Given the relative infancy of the tiled warm roof market, the issues of cold roof construction haven’t been fully felt yet but could do much to limit the opportunities in the sector going forward. Prefix Systems have developed their own Garden Room roof as a true WARMroof with fixed joint technology, rather than the pinned joints, often observed within the conservatory sector and several tiled roofs.

Chris Baron, co-director of Prefix Systems commented: ‘The house building and single storey extension markets are built on warm roof construction methods, something that we’ve fully embraced with our own product offering, which offers long term performance. I believe it’s only a question of time before some of the cold roof construction tiled roofs suffer from cold spots and condensation and it could be a real issue for the sector.

Lord Roofing made the process of having our new conservatory roof installed extremely simply! Great Work!

Elaine Stewart, Crook.

Prefix also supply a range of home extension products such as Orangeries and Garden Rooms along with many other innovating products, including tiled roof solutions, Skylights, Roof Lanterns, Velux and Aluminium Bi-folding doors. Recently advancing technology with the launch of their own bespoke products including WARMroof, Opus, CLEARView and Verandah which is part of the new Outdoor Living range.

Prefix Systems are also the only independent fabrication in the UK to have BBA approval for manufacture of the Ultra frame conservatory roof, this means when your accredited contractor orders a conservatory roof from Prefix Systems, you can be safe in the knowledge that your conservatory roof has been manufactured to the highest quality standards and using the finest materials.

The Prefix lead times on all their roofs are tailored to suit individual customer requirements, so if you require a quicker turnaround on any style of roof, Prefix has the solution. All Prefix industry experienced staff are on hand to advise on any queries you may have, no matter how obscure your design many be, Prefix Systems has the solution.

The Prefix Mission is simple, sharing the exact same philosophies as LORD Roofing and Grounds Works;

“To build a business that supplies the highest quality products & services that our customers deserve, our employees are proud to be part of and that our supply partners are happy to be associated with.”

The Prefix business was built with conservatory roof fabrication at its heart and today is still at the very core of our business, not just in terms of manufacturing excellence, but also in technical expertise and on-site support. We’ve been an Ultra frame fabricator since we started the business over 20 years ago and fabricate the industry’s leading conservatory roof system, the ‘Classic Roof.’ Prefix offer the largest colour range of any fabricator in the UK, so you have the flexibility to tailor the design to your requirements.

The classic roof is available in either traditional PVC or Aluminium, with a wide range of glass options to choose from too. When designing a conservatory, choosing the right specification of roof and glass is crucial to ensuring the enjoyment and complete comfort of the consumer. To enable a conservatory to be used all year round, a glazing material must deflect heat from the sun in summer and retain the warmth from heating appliances in winter.

Conservatory Warm Roof


Prefix Systems have been suppliers to the home improvement industry for over 20 years, over that time they have brought together a portfolio of home improvement products to cater for the most discerning of homeowner.

A combination of their own in house development and sourcing the finest systems available provide their customers with access to the best in home improvement and home extension products resulting in numerous design options. Their design engineers and manufacturing craftsmen ensure that all our products are built to your exact requirements and with the quality our over 600 trade customers have come to expect.

Their industry knowledge expertise means we can support and offer advice to our trade customers on the most technically innovative construction methods for building conservatories and home extensions.

Prefix Systems have considerable expertise in the replacement conservatory market. There is an estimated replacement market of 3 million conservatories and Prefix is the leader in addressing this need, providing consumers more choice and design options than ever before.

Prefix products have been developed specifically for the replacement conservatory market and utilise the very best in modern building technology, whether it’s a replacement solar control glass roof, or solid insulated tiled roof our specialist RETRO-FIX posts provide the necessary support to ensure your new extension can deal with the most severe climate conditions.

The link below will give you an insight in to just how your new Prefix Roof (model specification depending) would be installed, and how it differs with both the reduction in time-scale, but also the quality of the system.

LORD Roofing and Grounds Works ‘Company Promise’ to our clients is; “To deliver the very highest quality of customer service, workmanship, and standard of products, for the very best price possible.”

This is the sole reason, we choose only to work exclusively with Prefix when it comes to delivering you the most advanced, superior quality of products from a company we strongly believe to be the best within the industry.

For more information on Prefix and their vast product range, please visit;

Winner Winner Winner

Due to our core values of honesty, trust and integrity; we have also added an independent link below to offer our potential clients an independent view on what your own personal project could cost.

The ‘LORD Company Promise’ to our clients is; “To deliver the very highest quality of customer service, workmanship, and standard of products, for the very best price possible.”

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