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What are your options, and which system would suit you best?


When it comes to choosing the right finish and look for your driveway, pathways or patio, it is important to consider all the options. Here at LORD Roofing and Grounds Works we think it is important to have all the information and expert advice when making your very important decision. Our Grounds Works Managers have a wealth of knowledge, and on average, have amassed over 21 years’ experience and are on hand to discuss all the available options on offer, advising and answering any questions you may have. With expert fitters, boasting many years of experience, you can be confident that everything will be completed to the highest quality down to the very last detail.

Resin based surfacing is a relatively new system in comparison to other materials and has previously been a very expensive option. The significant advancement in polymer and epoxy resins over the last few years has resulted in an extremely hard wearing, and low maintenance surface, which is now more affordable than ever.

Our systems are resistant to oil or petrol spillage, tolerate a wide range of temperatures, are fairly weed resistant and are resistant to fading from UV sunlight. There are no loose stones, so those with little ones, you won’t constantly be finding your patio or driveway scattered all round the garden or street. So, in real terms its family friendly, stain resistant and you won’t spend the whole summer digging out weeds.

The versatility of this system means it can be used on almost any size project to suit any style and taste. With a wide range of colours, patterns, borders and even bespoke designs, it caters for even the most eclectic taste. By using contrasting gravel, motifs, images and house numbers can be incorporated onto the design, tailoring it exactly to your personal taste and needs.

I love my new resin bound driveway. I can't believe I didn't have one installed years ago!

Mr Heard, Ferryhill.

Main benefits in brief include:

  • Wide selection of colours and borders
  • Low maintenance
  • None slip available
  • No loose stones to travel round the garden
  • Restricted weed growth
  • Internal or external use
  • Highly durable
  • No drainage issues with permeable surfaces
  • Quick installation
  • No disruption to pipes or drains when fitted by accredited specialists
  • No planning permission required
  • No effect on existing damp proof course
  • Enhanced durability and long lasting
  • Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems compliant

Why is it so important to choose the right company/installer for your desired Resin project?

Regardless of what you may be told, the truth is, there’s no current national accreditation or regulation of resin bound installers/contractors. And this is also the case for block paving and most domestic groundworks. So, making the right choice comes down to your own research, word-of-mouth, reputation, and ideally, a strong brand you’re familiar with. Alternatively, locating legitimate reviews from long-standing, reputable companies such as, whom are governed by the national ombudsman.

You may well ask yourself, why does this matter? Well, unlike other paving surfaces that can be more technical and therefore more difficult to install, the outlay to start up in the resin side of the business are minimal. Therefore, many inadequate and inexperienced installers are simply jumping on the bandwagon to try and make a quick buck, usually ending in dire consequence for the unsuspecting consumer. Always make sure your chosen contractor can provide you with evidence (and a copy of the policy) to prove they have a minimum of £2million GPB of Public and Liability Insurance. LORD Roofing and Grounds Works have a Federation of Master Builders backed Public and Liability Insurance policy of £15million GPB, available within our Welcome Packs, and to view online.

Also, before signing any contract, if time permits, request to see some of the contractor’s previous works, just to be sure. Exercising caution before making your decision is an absolute necessity. If its cheap, like most things in life, there is a reason for it. We’ve all been there, done that, and chewed on that bitter bullet.

So, is there a difference in the quality of the Resin, and what else do I need to be aware of?


There’s a very big difference in the types of resin available in todays market. Much like any product where there becomes a demand on a large scale, you will always get cheaper imitations. So always choose a recognised manufacturer of resin and be aware of the differences within their range and suitability for your desired project. If you’re going for a darker stone and want an overall darker finish– protection from UV is much less an important factor. Alternatively, if you’re going for lighter coloured stone and want a lighter resin finish, using a resin that offers UV protection is imperative.

LORD Roofing and Grounds Works install products exclusively manufactured from The Resin Mill, and although there is no national accreditation, The Resin Mill offer the next best alternative, which is a certification that can be achieved after completing their various levels of training to become qualified installers.

LORD Roofing and Grounds Works only fit the very best resin we believe is available on todays market, we also have the best qualified, specialist and certified installers, and with life-long experience in all aspects of groundworks.

LORD Roofing and Grounds Works ‘Top 10’ reasons for you to choose a Resin Bound Driveway, Pathway or Patio:

As we all continuously strive to improve our homes, whether that be new kitchens, bathroom suites, conservatory’s, windows or extensions, at present, arguably the number one home improvement project, involves replacing or creating pathways and driveways. And the new phenomenon that is sweeping the nation at a staggering rate, is Resin Bound paving. Over the years, the block paved systems have dominated the market, followed by patterned concrete, and tarmac, but very few people know enough about the options or the advancements in products that are available in today’s current market.

Resin Bound systems are without question the ‘new kid on the block’; but why choose a Resin Bound System over the previously listed usual suspects?

LORD Roofing and Grounds Works are here to provide you with a full list of benefits for opting   for a Resin Bound system, whether that be for a new driveway, pathway, or patio.

1. Resin Bound is permeable: Resin bound paving is a cold mixed system that is produced on-site by the way of a Force-Action Mixer, using a process that ensures every particle of stone is entirely covered in resin; this then forms to create a structurally stable 3D matrix. During the laying process, miniature cavities are created which allows water to drain through. Supporting rain water to permeate through the surface allows groundwater to level, which helps regulate the effects of ‘heave’ and ‘shrinkage’. This consequently helps to eliminate, to a large degree, the common problems of standing water, surface water run-off and in more severe cases, flash flooding. During heavy rainfall, the more common impermeable surfaces are guilty of producing large amounts of surface water run-off, which overpowers drains and rivers and causes flash flooding.

2. Resin Bound is highly resistant to weather conditions: Resin bound paving, due to its extremely clever design, doesn’t relax and therefore become soft in the summer months. Neither does it freeze during the winter period, or dramatically fade when exposed to pro-longed periods of sunlight. Resin Bound’s rivals, such as asphalt, are prone to softening during hot weather, which can result in unsightly marks in the surface. They also freeze during our colder climates and are invariably susceptible to colour deterioration due to natural UV exposure.

3. Resin Bound is aesthetically pleasing: Not only is resin bound paving decorative, with almost limitless options to personalise to suit each individual client’s own individual tastes and preferences, it’s sustainable, practical and versatile. Simply view LORD Roofing and Grounds Works vast portfolio of previous completed projects. These capture the full process of the project, with the before, during and after photographs, to observe just what our highly-skilled and professional tradesman can produce. Resin bound paving is available in such a wide variety of colours and textures, and can also have optional contrasting borders, personally created bespoke designs and patterns. Resin Bound is suitable for any type of project, as opposed to other paving options that have far less design flexibility and can often leave an almost industrial looking finish. LORD Roofing and Grounds Works will guarantee that not only will your Resin Bound project be fitted by the best accredited tradesman, using the very best in products, but it will leave you with a finish you will fall in love with, over-and-over again. But don’t just take our word for it, immerse yourself in our portfolio of projects, and then just read our clients reviews and how they feel.

4. Resin Bound is very durable, with a peerless life-span: Resin Bound paving, when installed by certified professionals combined with The Resin Mill’s premier market-leading products, will produce a very strong and extremely durable surface. Whilst most guarantees from suppliers may considerably vary, usually between 5 to 15 years, a premier product, installed correctly and maintained, can last for up to 25 years. Whilst standard concrete matches Resin Bound paving with its longevity, it is brutally ridiculed by Resin Bound when it comes down to being able to provide the same choice of colours, design, borders, aesthetic appeal and flexibility. Research will clarify that ‘asphalt can offer at least 10 years trouble-free service’. But much in the same way concrete fails, so does asphalt; it quite simply cannot match or even come close to offering the same versatility, range of colours or bespoke design options as Resin Bound.

5. Resin Bound is practically maintenance free: Unlike your traditional block paving systems, which require regular attention with regards constant weeding during the warmer months of the year. As well as high-powered jet cleaning, and usually, depending on the initial installation, a possible full lift and re-seal, usually within the initial first five years, which can become a costly additional expense. With Resin Bound there are no back-breaking days of removing unsightly weeds, or the common problem of loose stones to sweep away to ensure your driveway, pathway or patio returns to its original glory. Providing any established weed growth is removed before SureSet is laid, it is very unlikely, with a quick clean every so often, that any new weeds will ever grow. Also depending on your property and its subsequent location, all that maybe required is a quick clean down, every so often to reduce any potential risk of moss or algal growth.

6. Resin Bound is nature’s best friend and environmentally friendly: Due to Resin Bound paving having an ecological permeable design structure, rain water and run-off water is naturally filtered by reducing and eradicating impurities and contaminants caused by various oils and metals. When rain water runs off an impermeable surface it collates pollutants, as it streams into our drainage systems and natural water passages, eventually making its inevitable progress into our lakes, rivers and ocean. This reduces biodiversity, causing all manner of unnecessary health problems. Heat islands typically reside mainly in cities, as they are naturally warmer than rural areas, as the energy and effluence created by the densely populated conditions are absorbed and stockpiled by solid surfaces, such as asphalt and concrete. This needless scenario also has a damaging effect on the air and water quality. The miniature cavities in permeable Resin Bound paving permit the soil to breathe, which diminishes surface temperatures and offsets the ‘heat island’ effect.

7. Resin Bound requires no planning permission: As of the 2008 government legislation, planning permission is not mandatory for expanses less than 5m², or if the new proposed surface is permeable and thus beneficial due to its naturally environmentally friendly nature. As a matter of course, LORD Roofing and Grounds Works will always ascertain the full legalities, with regards all proposed installation projects by liaising with the local planning department on our client’s behalf before the commencement of any works. Our clients can rest assured, any complications will always be dealt with by our Installation and Customer Relations department on their behalf.

8. Resin Bound can now provide IBG Insurance backed warranties: Until very recently, it was almost impossible to secure an Insurance backed warranty on mostly all types of groundworks, but especially Resin Bound paving. This was mainly due to the fact there are many ‘cowboys’ populating the industry, combined with the fact Resin Bound is such a new product on the market, without a history to satisfy insurers. An IBG or bona- fide guarantee, will honour the contractor’s original guarantee. Insurance companies offer IBG’s to contractors who they have thoroughly scrutinized to be incredibly low risk. Insurance companies carry out heavy financial and legal checks on potential companies in addition to receiving positive references and viewing works carried out. Contractors must satisfy the high-quality standards of the insurer and are available to all accredited and certified installers of the UK’s premier manufacturer and distributer within the industry, The Resin Mill.

9. Resin Bound is the future: There is simply no denying the statistics, Resin Bound paving is the most advanced, ecologically friendly and ‘must have’ product within todays groundworks industry. It’s popularity, and stunning finish is why it has taken the home improvement market by storm. The advancements within the quality now available, and the affordability factor is the reason it’s become top of the homeowners wanted list. Add to the fact, its longevity and spectacular aesthetic appeal, it’s a product that will not only make you the envy of all your friends, family and neighbour’s, but also add value to your property. Resin Bond paving will massively reduce those annoying maintenance issues, whilst doing your part to benefit the environment in which we live.

10. Resin Bond is SuDS compliant (Sustainable urban Drainage Systems): A water management system introduced by the Environment Agency to aid management of flood risk and improve our water quality. Watch the video below which explains in detail the full SuDS system, and how it benefits our environment.

So why not give us call on your local office number and take advantage of your free survey and design ideas for any Grounds Works projects you may be contemplating from our Senior Grounds Works Managers with an average of over 22 years unrivalled experience within the trade. We are time-served specialists of the design and fitting of the new premium-grade UV Resin Bound projects. We can offer ideas that would most suit your preferred project, if required, and we also leave a competitive quotation, with drawings, designs and full method statements.

The ‘LORD Company Promise’ to our clients is; “To deliver the very highest quality of customer service, workmanship, and standard of products, for the very best price possible.”

Honesty – Affordability – Quality- Integrity – Trust

We will never be beaten on price, on a like-for-like basis.

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